Assistance to the elderly

Assistance to the elderly

At AQB, we offer a Home Care for Seniors service for those who need support and care at home to perform daily activities. Our team is composed of highly trained and specialized professionals in the care of seniors.

Among the services we offer in our Home Care for Seniors are:

  • Personal hygiene: We help our clients with daily hygiene, changing clothes, and skin and hair care.
  • Help with mobility and transfers: We provide support and assistance to our clients in mobility and transfer tasks, such as sitting, standing, and moving around the house.
  • Accompaniment to medical visits, prescription pick-up, etc.: We accompany our clients to their medical appointments and help them pick up their prescriptions and other medical procedures.
  • Accompaniment to day centers, therapies, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Menu planning, special diets, medication: We help our clients plan and prepare their daily menus, adapting their nutrition to their nutritional needs and any special diet they must follow. We also remind them and help them take their medications as directed by their doctor.
  • Conversation, company, walks: We provide company and conversation to our clients and accompany them on walks and other outdoor activities they want to do.
  • Help with household tasks: We help with household chores, such as housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, and clothing maintenance.

At AQB, we understand that each person is unique, and that is why we work in a personalized way to adapt our Home Care for Seniors to the specific needs of each of our clients. We strive to provide quality care and to keep our clients comfortable and safe in their home.

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