Diversity care

Diversity care

People who need temporary or permanent help at home or outside, a concept based on active assistance and the philosophy of independent living.


The assistant is the person who helps another person to develop his or her life, facilitating the choice of when and how to do so, allowing the person using personal assistance to take control of his or her own life at all times.
It seeks full equality of opportunity.
Tasks of the Personal Assistant:


  • Personal hygiene and grooming: Maintaining the personal hygiene of the user, including hair care, change of clothes and everything necessary for regular hygiene.
  • Getting out of bed and going to bed.
  • Help and support in moving around the home.
  • Help with taking food.
  • Turning pages, answering the phone, taking notes…


  • Household cleaning.
  • Ironing and washing clothes.
  • Household shopping and cooking


  • Accompaniment at home, in the street, at work, when necessary, and in leisure activities.
  • Accompaniment during medical visits, document management, everything related to daily life.
  • Driving the user’s vehicle to carry out accompanying tasks.

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