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We work each day to provide a personalised service, adapting to the necessities of each one of our clients.

  • – Ensure a sufficient and qualified “in situ” treatment
  • – Adequate preparation of the patient for relocation
  • – Air ambulance services


For patients in stable conditions, who are able to travel seated in a vertical position and who only need medical accompaniment, we offer air ambulance escort services. Our air ambulance service is suitable for mobile patients in non-emergency cases, who aren’t suffering from acute illness and who only need medical assistance during the journey, e.g. because of preexisting medical conditions. A physician o licensed, qualified and specialised nurse accompanies and always stays close to the patient during the whole flight. Hence, the medical team on board can take immediate action, in case the patient’s condition should become worse. The medical equipment on board allows the medical team to quickly provide first aid if necessary.

In general medical transports are conducted in business class, but can also be performed in economy class. Ambulance escort flights are particularly suited for weak but mobile patients, who travel without a family member or another trusted person by their side.

When we select the medical team, physician or licensed nurse to conduct the in-flight medical assistance, we consider their professional qualifications and we make sure that both the patient and the team is properly prepared; after all, the psychological well-being of the patient is a fundamental component of a successful air medical transport, especially on long-distance flights.


For patients, who don’t need permanent medical assistance, but need to travel in a horizontal position and under medical supervision, stretcher transport on a scheduled flight is an affordable alternative to an ambulance jet flight. Thus, we offer medical escort services on a great number of flight routes. The physician or licensed and qualified nurse accompany the patient and, in case of complications, provide assistance quickly, given that they have access to emergency medical equipment. If necessary, the patient travels on a stretcher inside the passenger cabin and separated from them by a screen. Close relatives, as well as the accompanying medical staff, travel in close proximity to the patient and have permanent access.

The patient will be transported from and to the programmed flight in a specifically equipped ambulance and will be directly transported to and from the plane on a stretcher.
The transport of the patients ends at their home or in the hospital bed, after delivering and explaining the state of the patient to the receiving doctor and when this doctor takes over responsibility.

We gladly advise you if the repatriation on scheduled flights is appropriate in your case or if other alternatives are more suitable. Don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or our contact form.


If you wish to request any one of our services, please lay out your necessities, doubts or troubles and we’ll help you.

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