Medical transfer

National or international transfers

What are medical transfers?

Medical transfers occur when a patient with health problems needs to be transferred to another location. We offer accompaniment for those cases in which the person being treated is not healthy enough to travel, and needs an escort to monitor them and take care of any complications that may occur, as well as providing the medical equipment they require. These transfers can be both national and international.

What do we want to offer?

We take care of air medical transfers, in a regular line, offering a quality alternative, at a reasonable price, with a doctor and nurses specialised in the medical fields required by the patient and with the medical needs required: stretcher, oxygen, respirator, injectable…

  • Top quality service
    Our services are oriented to offer the highest quality service for the patient, as well as peace of mind for the family and the patient, that everything will be well resolved, without setbacks, and they will not have to worry about anything.
  • Case by case study
    A specialist doctor will study the particular medical case and will contact the patient’s doctor in order to carry out the transfer in the best possible way for the patient according to their medical needs.
  • Professional medical team
    Our medical team will make the necessary visits to the patient to personally assess their condition before the flight and talk to the patient, family and doctors to gather as much information as possible. We visit the patient in hospital or at home.
  • Coordination
    We resolve the logistics of the trip, in coordination with the medical part of the team, to make the trip as fast, comfortable and safe as possible for the patient and the family.

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