Nursing services

School nursing

What is school nursing? 

Within the school environment, the nurse is responsible for providing direct, comprehensive or individualised care for pupils. School nursing tries to integrate individual or coordinated health inside and outside the school.

School nurses are responsible for preventing, detecting and monitoring students who may present different health problems that may arise at school. They are also responsible for advising parents, the school and other professionals if specialised health care is needed.

What do we want to offer?

We want to offer a better attention to pupils in nursery, primary, secondary, public, subsidised or private schools, special education schools and institutes, intervening in potential and current health problems.

  • Prevent and detect early, give advice as a specialist, assess and act in emergencies.
  • Giving medication, cures…
  • Also educational and training activities, both for parents, students and teachers.

Nursing at events, gyms, filming, trade fairs, cruises, hotels...


With these services we want to ensure that our clients have nursing services available in any type of situation that may require it. From covering any type of event, whether sporting or leisure, to covering gyms, filming, trade fairs, cruises or hotels, and any type of situation in which the presence and services of a nurse are required.

What does nursing entail in such cases?

The nursing profession does not vary much in different situations, as the responsibilities are usually very similar, with the common aim of ensuring the safety and health of the patient. However, in different situations they may have different functions, for example:

  • Sports nursing functions include the prevention, care/treatment and recovery of sports injuries and the recommendation of healthy physical exercise.
  • Cruise ship nurses can attend to all types of cases, from minor to serious and critical, collaborating with the doctors and applying the treatments entrusted by them, in the care of both passengers and crew.
  • On film shoots, at trade fairs, hotels and gyms, among others, nurses are responsible for providing appropriate and cost-effective patient care. We attach importance to the comfort and, above all, the safety of the patient. They administer prescribed medication and treatments orally or intravenously. They apply dressings and dressings when necessary and are able to operate and monitor medical equipment.

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